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Researcher Resources

The following reagents are available for research purposes from the investigators of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS)-sponsored Consortium for Translational Research in Marfan Syndrome.

  • Fibrillin-1 mutant mouse line mgR is available from the Jackson Laboratories, and fibrillin-1 mutant mouse line mg is available by making request to Francesco Ramirez, PhD. (francesco.ramirez@mssm.edu)
  • Monoclonal antibodies for human fibrillin-1 (mAB26) and for fibrillin-1 in a variety of species (mAb69) are available from Chemicon. Additional monoclonal antibodies or polyclonal antisera are available on a limited basis, or for extensive studies, on a collaborative basis, by making request to Lynn Sakai, PhD. (LYS@shcc.org)
  • TGF-ß reporter cell line, and monoclonal antibodies for human TGF-ß1 LAP are available by making request to Dan Rifkin, PhD. (rifkid01@med.nyu.edu)
  • Fibrillin-1 mutant mouse line C1039G and YAC-transgenic mice (frozen embryos) are available by making request to Hal Dietz, MD (hdietz@jhmi.edu)