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Research Grants

Our grant program provides financial support for investigators studying all aspects of Marfan syndrome and related conditions. Special areas of interest include:

  • Basic research, translational studies, and clinical studies in cardiovascular, genetic, orthopedic and ophthalmologic issues utilizing synergistic collaborations
  • Integration of novel theories from non-traditional researchers into established paradigms
  • Novel animal model systems
  • Innovation and the distillation of knowledge into practical new therapies


The Marfan Foundation is currently reviewing its Research Grant Program, in order to define and refine its priorities. The Foundation will continue to support research in a significant and impactful way, by continuing to utilize research funds in the most effective manner. This review is being conducted at the request of the Board of Directors, in partnership with our Scientific and Professional Advisory Boards. Given this review, there will be no request for proposals disseminated in January, 2021. 

We expect a new request for proposals, outlining any new details on guidelines and mechanisms, to be released in June or July 2021.

For further information, please contact Josephine Grima, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at jgrima@marfan.org.

Funded Grants: 2015 - 2020

Click here for a list of 2015-2020 research grants funded through our research program.