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School Concerns

The typical activities of childhood can be affected by Marfan syndrome and related disorders. School-based activities such as recess, the pressures of social relationships, and the rigors of classroom participation are often more difficult and sometimes overwhelming. However, children with these conditions can have positive school experiences and maximize their potential when parents and schools communicate and work together.

When working with your child, focus and build upon the areas in which he or she excels, rather than make comparisons with other children. Provide every opportunity to maximize his or her potential in school. Usually, the more knowledge the school has about Marfan syndrome, the better things are going to be for your child. As a parent, you can take steps to develop a spirit of cooperation among the teachers, administrators, and school nurses.

We offer special resources for teachers and school nurses that will help them provide a safe learning environment in school for your child. You can download them here:

Need-to-Know Information for the Teacher

Need-to-Know Information for the School Nurse