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Special Events

We hold many events from coast-to-coast throughout the year to raise awareness of Marfan syndrome and related conditions, and to raise critical funds to support our work. From a cocktail party set-up by one of our dedicated volunteers, to our formal Heartworks Gala, to a walk with Walk for Victory, each and every event is important and helps us further our mission.
Additionally, here are several events held each year that provide support and education to the Marfan community. Our annual four-day national family conference and various regional symposia allow patients, their families, and medical experts to come together and connect in ways that literally save lives.
Heartworks St. Louis Gala - March 19, 2022

Mark your calendar now for March 19, 2022, when we hope to celebrate in person at The Four Seasons St. Louis.



 Heartworks New York City Gala May 24, 2022

 HeartWorks NYC returns on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, to the beautiful Ziegfeld Theatre. Details to follow.


Heartworks Houston Gala 

Houston’s Mask-erade Ball on June 26, 2021, celebrated two ardent supporters of The Marfan Foundation, Aven McBride, and Joseph Coselli, MD. Stay tuned for information about next year’s celebration!


50th Annual NYC MarathonNovember 7, 2021
It's official! On November 7, 2021, 33,000 people will run the 50th Annual NYC Marathon, and we are excited to announce that The Marfan Foundation will have a team once again! Please contact Alyssa Aiello at aaiello@marfan.org with any questions. Please note, it is not recommended that people with Marfan and related conditions should not participate in competitive or contact sports.