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Note: If you are currently experiencing an emergency or crisis, you should contact your personal doctor, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Following your doctor’s recommendations for medication, monitoring, and physical activity gives you the best chance of avoiding a serious complication of Marfan syndrome. Still, there are no guarantees. That’s why it’s important for you to learn about the medical problems that could arise and require immediate medical treatment.

The most serious of these problems involve the heart and blood vessels, but there are other problems involving the eyes and lungs that also need emergency treatment.

To help prepare you for these situations, we recommend that you complete our Emergency Preparedness Kit, which we created specifically for people with Marfan syndrome and related conditions. It includes our Emergency Alert Card which you can download and carry in your wallet. You can click below to download them.

Another way to communicate your medical needs in case of an emergency is by using your Backpack Health share card. Once you store your medical information in Backpack Health, you can share your emergency health information via a private link. The link can be given to family members, friends, caregivers, or whoever you need to have access to your information.

Plus, through a new partnership with Sticky J, you can have your Backpack Health share card link on you at all times. Sticky J provides medical alert jewelry that can include the information emergency responders might need to provide the safest and best care for you.

Click below to get started with Backpack Health and to include your Backpack information on your emergency alert jewelry.