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While Marfan syndrome is a condition that cannot be cured, you can live a long, full life with proper treatment and management. Everyone is different, depending on how severe or mild their features are.

In general, you can expect some things you need to think about every day, such as medications and limitations on physical activity. Then, there are routine doctor appointments, which may be yearly or more frequent, as well as other evaluations to make sure that your symptoms are not worsening. Sometimes, when symptoms progress, your doctor will recommend surgery. In some cases, you will have time to plan for an operation; in other cases, immediate surgery may be needed.

Understanding how Marfan syndrome symptoms are treated will help you in your medical journey. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about how the recommended management for Marfan syndrome so you can be prepared at every step of the way. You can always contact us with your questions, but remember that your personal doctor knows your situation best.

FDA Warning: Fluoroquinolones