President & CEO
Michael Weamer (x150)

Judy Gibaldi (x114)

Chief Science Officer
Josephine Grima, PhD (x117)

Chief Development Officer
Helaine Baruch (x141)

Chief Program Officer
Eileen Masciale (x161)

Senior Director of Patient & Program Services
Susan Leshen, LCSW (x122)

Director of Finance & HR
Inderjeet Kaur (x121)

Director of Help & Resource Center
Janice Petrella Lynch, MSN, RN (x126)

Director of National Philanthropy
Megan Martin (x160)

Senior Vice President, Development
Deborah Goodman (x154)

Senior Vice President, Walk for Victory Program
Kimberly Huddleston (x132)
Director of Volunteer Engagement
Su┼Ťan Sobers (x116)
Director of Technology Solutions
Kelly Kopish (x164)
Director of vEDS (Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Division
Katie Wright (x165)
Marketing and PR Manager
Angela Crist (x162)
Walk for Victory Manager
Kara Burke
Data Entry and
Administrative Manager
Julie Perlin (x120)
Social Events Manager
Alyssa Aiello (x111)
Lesley Harris (x140)
Program Manager
Bruno DaSilva (x143)
Production Specialist
Dominga Noe (x137)
Accounting & Administrative Clerk
Joann Saccone (x125)
Data Entry Clerk
Margaret Helstowski (x144)
Operations Assistant
Jasmine Llanos (x123)
Development Assistant
Kristin Braun