Marfan syndrome is a life-threatening genetic condition, and an early, accurate diagnosis is essential, not only for people with Marfan syndrome, but also for those with related conditions. Knowing the signs of these conditions can save lives. Learn more.


Dec 2 The VEDS Movement Launches TheVEDSMovement.orgThe VEDS Movement, a new division of The Marfan Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of its website for the VEDS community, TheVEDSMovement.
Nov 6 Foundation Launches 2020 in 2020 Backpack Health Campaign to Increase Participation in Patient RegistryOur goal is to have 2,020 people in our patient registry by June 2020. Join today!
Oct 31 New Virtual Support Groups for vEDSNew vEDS virtual support groups start in November! Katie Wright, director of The vEDS Movement, is spearheading this valuable program.


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